Food must be canned in STANDARD CANNING JARS AND LIDS, or in jars that say MASON. Food canned in sub‑standard jars such as mayonnaise, peanut butter, coffee jars, etc. will not be judged. ALL JAR LIDS MUST BE SEALED. The use of uniform size containers in each exhibit is requested as it adds to the attractiveness of the exhibit. Small labels should be placed on front of container toward the bottom. QUART OR PINT JARS MAY BE USED.

Superintendent: Tangiela Hicks


04-01-01-00 Apple juice, quart  

04-01-02-00 Apple slices, quart 

04-01-03-00 Applesauce, quart  

04-01-04-00 Blackberries, quart  

04-01-05-00 Blackberry juice, quart  

04-01-06-00 Cherries, pitted, quart  

04-01-07-00 Cherries, whole, quart  

04-01-08-00 Cherry juice, quart  

04-01-09-00 Grape juice, quart  

04-01-10-00 Huckleberries, quart  

04-01-11-00 Peach juice, quart  

04-01-12-00 Peaches, quart  

04-01-13-00 Pears, quart  

04-01-14-00 Plum juice, quart  

04-01-15-00  Strawberries, whole, quart 


04-02-01-00 Apple Butter, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-02-00 Apple jelly, jelly jar or pint 

04-02-03-00 Apple preserves, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-04-00 Blackberry jam, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-05-00 Blackberry jelly, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-06-00 Blueberry jam, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-07-00 Cherry jelly, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-08-00 Cherry preserves, jar or pint  

04-02-09-00 Grape jelly, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-10-00 Grape marmalade, jelly jar or pint   

04-02-11-00 Jalapeno jelly, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-12-00 Mint jelly, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-13-00 Peach butter, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-14-00 Peach conserve, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-15-00 Peach jelly, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-16-00 Peach preserves, jelly jar or pint   

04-02-17-00 Pear preserves, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-18-00 Plum butter, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-19-00 Plum jelly, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-20-00 Raspberry jam, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-21-00 Raspberry jelly, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-22-00 Strawberry jam, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-23-00 Strawberry jelly, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-24-00 Strawberry preserves, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-25-00 Tomato jam, jelly jar or pint  

04-02-26-00 Watermelon rind preserves, jelly jar or pint



04-03-01-00 Banana pepper, pint  

04-03-02-00 Bread and butter pickles, pint  

04-03-03-00 Chow chow, pint  

04-03-04-00 Corn relish, pint  

04-03-05-00 Green tomato pickles, pint  

04-03-06-00 Hot pepper, pint  

04-03-07-00 Peach pickles, pint  

04-03-08-00 Pepper relish, pint  

04-03-09-00 Pickled beets, pint 

4-03-10-00 Pickled green beans, pint  

04-03-11-00 Pickled okra, pint  

04-03-12-00 Pickled salad tomatoes, pint  

04-03-13-00 Pickled squash, pint  

04-03-14-00 Rummage pickle, pint  

04-03-15-00 Sour cucumber pickles, pint  

04-03-16-00 Sweet cucumber pickles, pint  

04-03-17-00 Tomato catsup, pint 



 04-04-01-00 Beans, lima, pint  

04-04-02-00 Beans, string, hulled and mixed, quart  

04-04-03-00 Beans, string, quart  

04-04-04-00 Beets, pint  

04-04-05-00 Carrots, pint  

04-04-06-00 Corn, cream style, pint  

04-04-07-00 Corn, whole kernel, pint  

04-04-08-00 Greens (spinach, mustard or turnip), quart  

04-04-09-00 Kraut, quart  

04-04-10-00 Okra, pint  

04-04-11-00 Peas, pint  

04-04-12-00 Peppers, green bell, pint 

04-04-13-00 Potatoes   

04-04-14-00 Pumpkin, quart  

04-04-15-00 Rhubarb, quart  

04-04-16-00 Salsa, pint or quart  

04-04-17-00 Soup mixture, quart  

04-04-18-00 Spaghetti sauce, quart  

04-04-19-00 Tomato juice, quart  

04-04-20-00 Tomatoes, quart